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The Truth About Most Yogurts

Do you know exactly what’s in the yogurt you’re eating each day? Yogurt has been touted over the years as a superfood, and it’s true, if you are consuming a high-quality yogurt that doesn’t have a lot of extra sugars and additives. The right yogurt can be a great part of a healthy lifestyle.

The sad truth is that most of the yogurts we are exposed to and familiar with, that line the shelves of the grocery stores, are chock-full of garbage ingredients that aren’t good for you or your family.

That’s why at Koko Kai, we’re a different kind of yogurt company. We make fair-trade coconut yogurt that is simple, organic, and delicious.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should try Koko Kai over some other companies that have unsavory yogurt-making practices.

The Non-Fair Trade Coconut Industry Is Bad

The reason it’s so important to buy from companies that have fair trade practices is that the non-fair trade industry is horrible for the farmers and all of their workers. They aren’t paid a fair daily wage that they can live on. That’s why it’s so important to support fair trade, in general, to help the people that work in the farming industry have a good life.

Other Yogurts Use Pesticides

Other plant-based alternatives, like almond yogurt, use a massive amount of pesticides and herbicides. Keep in mind, there isn’t an organic almond yogurt available on the market today. The water and land that the competitors use significantly affects the environment in a negative way.

So Many Additives

If you pick up any random cup of yogurt at the grocery store, checking the label can be surprising. Try it the next time you are at the store. Sometimes they add chemical defoamers, preservatives, and carrageenan, which is bad for digestion. There are tons of additives in those other yogurts that have turned it into more of a dessert than a natural source of nutrition and protein. The ingredients are of poor quality as well.

The Sugar Content Is Beyond Troubling

Other yogurts are sweetened or flavored with basically as much sugar as a candy bar or soda contains. Some even have high fructose corn syrup added, which has been shown to increase an individual’s risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

How Koko Kai Coconut Yogurt Is Different

We love how different our company is with the tasty coconut yogurt at Koko Kai which is made in Hawaii. We only use fair trade coconuts, with no added ingredients that are bad for you. Clean ingredients. Priding ourselves on using organic ingredients that are locally sourced creates a big point of happiness for our brand. Try the Koko Kai Coconut Yogurt for yourself, and immediately know that, you are tasting a pure product that is just all-around better for you than any other non-dairy yogurt on the market today.

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