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Koko Kai Yogurt ™

Probiotic Rich Coconut Yogurt
Crafted for Plant Based & Non Dairy consumers. Enjoyed by Everyone!

Welcome to Koko Kai yogurt, the only non dairy Coconut yogurt made right here, in Hawaii.

We use clean, whole and simple ingredients. Our Coconut Yogurt is Plant Based, Gluten Free, with no added sugars.

“We are committed to supporting the environment and caring for people through our products, harnessing the power of food as medicine”  Jon and Aline, Founders of Koko Kai Yogurt

This product is unique and classy! It is delicate, creamy and scrumptious. I recommend and love all the flavors.

Valerie B.Creamy and Scrumptious

I enjoyed the North Shore Vanilla yogurt. It has a very clean taste and I really don’t miss the sugar. In fact, I think the vanilla flavor is more pronounced.


Koko Kai News


Why did Koko Kai Yogurt Separate in the jar?

Don't Worry, It's Not Spoiled! Understanding Our Coconut Yogurt Separation...🥄 Let's Dive into the Science of YOGURT MAGIC! ✨🥣 So, one of our beautiful batch…

Limited Release- Seasonal Flavor!

Our Seasonal flavor “ Hawaiian Pumpkin spices” Coconut Yogurt has just dropped!! Perfect balance of healthy probiotic rich Coconut yogurt, Kabocha Pumpkin (Pa'alai in Hawaiian)…
Ask the Doctor!

Signs your body need Probiotics

Welcome to the another installment of our Koko Kai health blog. I want to get around to discussing how fermented foods can improve cognition. It’s…

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