Koko Kai Coconut Yogurt

Simple, Delicious, Made with Clean Ingredients...

Welcome to Koko Kai yogurt, the only non dairy Coconut yogurt made right here, in Hawaii.

We use clean, whole ingredients grown throughout the island chain whenever possible. Our goal is to keep local, fresh and clean. Our Coconut Yogurt is Plant Based and Gluten Free, with no added sugars.

 – Jon and Aline, Founders of Koko Kai Yogurt

This product is unique and classy! It is delicate, creamy and scrumptious. I recommend and love all the flavors.

Valerie B.Creamy and Scrumptious

I enjoyed the North Shore Vanilla yogurt. It has a very clean taste and I really don’t miss the sugar. In fact, I think the vanilla flavor is more pronounced.


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