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Koko Kai is now in Foodland

We are excited to announce that Koko Kai yogurt is officially coming to Foodland. Koko Kai will be available in the following stores on Oahu:

  • Pupukea
  • Kahala Market
  • Ala Moana

Koko Kai is a plant-based yogurt that takes advantage of the fertile land of Hawaii, using almost entirely ingredients sourced from the islands. By using so many local ingredients, we ensure a fresher product and support the local economy at the same time.

We are glad to contribute to the “locavore” community and love that we can tell you exactly where each ingredient of our yogurt originates! We believe that the best ingredients are the simplest.

In addition to Foodland, our yogurts are also available at select Whole Foods Markets.

The Koko Kai Story

Aline, one of our founders, grew up in France, with access to many whole, local foods. Upon moving to America, she was astonished by how many foods here are heavily processed, no longer resembling the plants they came from. When she was unable to find a plant-based yogurt that tastes like a yogurt — not too starchy, nor too sweet — the idea for Koko Kai was born.

Speaking of “too sweet,” one thing you won’t find in Koko Kai yogurt is an excess of sugar. So many yogurts on the market today list sugar as one of their highest quantity ingredients, overwhelming the product’s flavor and negating the benefits of probiotics. At Koko Kai, we don’t add any sugar to our yogurt. All our flavors contain no sugar or a minimal amount of naturally occurring sugar from fresh, local fruit.

We believe this allows the flavors of our delicious, natural ingredients to shine through (and, of course, lets your body benefit from all the probiotics–essential for gut health!). When you eat Koko Kai, you are eating real food, and the taste reflects that. With fewer than four ingredients, you are getting only the good stuff.

So, why plant-based yogurt?

First, coconut, Koko Kai’s base ingredient, is a nutritional rockstar. It’s full of healthy, slower-burning MCT fats to keep you full longer, as well as anti-inflammatory lauric acid. It’s great for the many adults who have difficulty digesting dairy. Plant-based yogurt also has a far lower impact on the environment when compared to dairy yogurt. The dairy industry has a massive carbon footprint.

By using plant-based ingredients, we avoid contributing to that. This environmental approach is the same reason you’ll notice our yogurt is packaged in glass, not plastic. We don’t want to add to the plastic production industry or the plastic piling up on our beaches. When you finish your yogurt, you can bring the jar right back to us for recycling.

As a local business using local ingredients, we are so happy to be joining more of the local stores here in Hawaii. We hope you will give us a try the next time you are at one of the Foodland locations — we might be biased, but we think you’ll love Koko Kai!


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