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Koko Kai is now in Whole Foods Market

Here at Koko Kai yogurt, we are proud to have officially launched in the Hawaiian yogurt market. One exciting location you can find our product is in Whole Foods Market. If you are a yogurt lover or someone who has had to avoid yogurt due to its high sugar and dairy content, Koko Kai may be the perfect new addition for you.

What Stores Can You Find Us In?

We are now available in select Whole Foods Markets on Oahu, including the Kahala, Kailua, and Kakaako locations.

Being in Whole Foods was important to us because we know the level of quality the chain demands and the importance it puts on fresh, sustainable products. And customer satisfaction is vital to both us and Whole Foods.

Our products are also available at select Foodland locations on Oahu, including Ala Moana, Pupukea, and Kahala Market.

In addition to finding us in local Hawaiian markets, we will continue to sell our yogurt at the Kakaako Farmers Market on Saturdays. You can also order and pick up from our Kakaako kitchen lab on select days, and we offer shipping to the other Hawaiian Islands or the mainland.

So, What is Koko Kai Yogurt?

Koko Kai yogurt is a coconut-based, dairy-free yogurt. Our products are also plant-based, vegan and gluten-free. We limit the number of ingredients in our products, and only use ingredients you can understand without an advanced chemistry degree.

Since coconut is naturally sweet, there is no need for us to add even more sugar to our yogurt, which is often done to many American yogurts. This makes our yogurt healthy and ideal for those who need to watch their sugar intake.

What Else Should I Know About Koko Kai?

We are pleased to operate right here in the Hawaiian Islands, and we grow many of the ingredients for our products on the islands as well. And we use sustainable items for our products.

We also are committed to using glass yogurt containers that can be recycled and reused, rather than contributing to the plastic issues that are detrimental to our oceans and ocean life.

There are so many reasons why you should give Koko Kai yogurt a try. If you are ready to find out what sets our yogurt apart from our competitors, and give it a taste test for yourself, visit your local Whole Foods Market today to pick up some of our delicious and nutritious yogurts.

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