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Don’t Worry, It’s Not Spoiled! Understanding Our Coconut Yogurt Separation…ūü•Ą Let’s Dive into the Science of YOGURT MAGIC! ‚ú®ūü•£

So, one of our beautiful batch of coconut yogurt decided to do a little dance party, leaving a layer of clear liquid at the bottom of the jar. No need to panic! This separation is completely normal and doesn’t mean the yogurt has gone bad. In fact, it’s a common characteristic of this delicious dairy-free treat that happens one in a while.

Here’s the science behind the split:

  • Coconut milk naturally separates:¬†Unlike dairy milk,¬†coconut milk doesn’t have the same proteins to act as stabilizers.¬†During fermentation,¬†the fats and liquids tend to find their own happy places,¬†leading to some layering.
  • We use Agar-Agar (Natural Seaweed gelatin) to help achieve our creamy consistency, which minimize separation. But even with these, a little layering is still possible once in a while.
  • Adjusting to our new equipment: Koko Kai Yogurt has expended and invested in a large production skid, adjusting fermentation temperature applicable to our very large tank. we are still learning how to make in a large capacity the best batch each and every time.

What to do about it:

  • Relax! Your yogurt is perfectly safe to eat. And it is full of live and actives cultures which sometimes have a mind of their own.
  • Give it a stir: Simply mix the layers back together for a creamier and homogenized texture.
  • Embrace the layers:¬†If you don’t mind,¬†enjoy the distinct textures – the thicker top is great for dolloping,¬†while the thinner layer is perfect for smoothies or dressings.

Bonus tip: Remember, even though it separates sometimes Koko Kai coconut yogurt is a delicious and healthy treat, fermented naturally without starches or sugar. So, grab a spoon, embrace the natural variation, and enjoy our creation!

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